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It is the Parisian way to sit undisturbed, let the hours go by, enjoying that special je ne sais quoi.

For a vivid aperitif or a soothing night cap, our bar hosts a wide selection of spirits, including fine cognac, whiskies and local gins. Our cellar plays homage to the traditional french Vineyards with a wide selection of rouges, blancs and - of course - the best of the champagne region, alongside some true gems from Spain, Italy and the New World.

Merging our slow food passion and unconventional nature, our wine list is packed with organic and biodynamic varieties. For a true celebration of the drink of the gods, join us at one of our wine dinners, where our suppliers explain the magic behind the grape, accompanied by paired dishes designed by our chefs and if wine is not your thing, fear not - in association with local craft brewer six degrees north, we are serving up our very own Pilsner, Bière Maison.